Nain diary people

Extract from Depicting people from Nain, Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada. Taken by John Penny, an 18 year old v.s.o. teacher 1965-66.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Personnes de journal intime de Nain

Люди дневника Nain

Ανθρωποι ημερολογίων Nain

De agendamensen van Nain

Nain 日誌人

Nain 日志人

Nain일기 사람

Nain 日記の人々

Gente del diario de Nain

Povos do di�rio de Nain

La gente del diario di Nain

Nain Tagebuchleute

Friday, March 17, 2006

Les gens de journal de Nain

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mrs. Kojak on the wharfe, May 66

Wilfred Ford, mission janitor

Sid Dicker, hospital janitor

Sam Lyall, DNLA clerk Feb 66

Sam Andersen, school janitor, school behind

Revd. Peacock, Minister of Education Earle, Mountie Murray Carpenter

Revd. Launder & Jerome, MV Bonavista

Revd. & Mrs. Launder hanging out the washing

RCMP plane Sgt Mercer

RCMP plane arrived Ada Carpenter Jim Brown

RCMP plane right DNLA manager Ted Baird

RCMP house Murray photographing on roof

Philip Suarak, Sunday Best on wharfe

Pep Wheeler Phd, visiting American geologist Bill Webb behind

Penney, Jerome & Mairi, church

Penney, Jerome, Kate & Mairi - teachers

Paulus Harris, mission janitor went to St. Johns

Nita Harris & Mary Baird, Lyall's house behind

Newly weds Soloman & Suarak, mission house

Murray Carpenter RCMP

Ms. Jopp, Kate, Revd. Launder, Murray Carpenter - farewell dinner

Mrs. White with Mary & mail bags

Mrs Obed, church elder, taking down Easter decorations

Miriam Brown & son, mission plane

Miss Jopp, Grenfell Mission nurse & John Townley on mission steps

Me with my one partridge

Me with .22 rifle on RCMP boat

Me outside the new mission house

Me on the Nachvak, Ford Harbour trip with Max Tiller

Me in white dickie on ice by Jonas Karpik

Mary Sillitt by the church

Martin Martin, Peter Hay, Jerry sillett

Mark Hennoche & Philip Suarak fetching water

Mark Henoche playing baseball

Mairi, Tabea, Murray, Revd. Launder by mail plane

Mairi 's first pidgeon day with Wheelers and Chesley Webb

Mairi Pond grade one teacher Newfoundland

Mairi Pond, Wilfred's signpost behind

Mairi, me & Penney, church

Lunch in sunshine - Kate, Mairi, Elfrieda, Penney & Jerome

Kauk weekend at Whites' house with Jerome

Mairi Penney on board Killinek DNLA boat, Kauk

Jim Brown & Ted Baird by the Whites' house, Kauk

Jim Brown, Whites' house, Kauk Harbour,

Kauk Harbour, White's house, Ted Baird

Kate Hettasch or Auntie Katie

Juliana Hay, RCMP house

Juliana Hay & Ada Carpenter, RCMP house

Jim Lyall

Jim Brown & Skipper Rogers - ice going! June 4th 66